Real Estate SEO

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Just like any other business, real estate rides on exposure, and nothing gives you nearly as much visibility among prospects as search engine optimization. Keeping in tune with the right methods gives you an edge over competitors and multiplies your chances of earning leads to the pages from where you offer services. In the real estate marketplace, SEO is the difference between a business that generates leads by the truckload and another that basically spins its wheels on the same cut of grass. Keep in mind that real estate SEO practices keep changing and in order to keep pace at the top, you have to stay updated.

Real Estate SEO

Here is a look at practices that will get you the traffic you crave

1. Go with great titles
Great titles are good for SEO, especially if they convey what is integral to your content .The problem with most real estate marketers and owners is that they spend hours on end tweaking content(which is very good) but barely give thought to titles. Remember, internet users have a reputation of impatience. If you cannot inspire them to keep clicking and read on, what makes you think they will hang around? They are more likely to bounce back to the first page of Google, head out and never look back.

2. Be different
If you are exceptional, people will respond to you. Nobody wants to read the same content repeated in thousands of blogs and websites; it is dull and boring. You need to find a way to convey your message in a way that helps you stand out. Remember, there will be thousands of competitors trying to pass the same message you bear. The trick here is to be different. Show them a side of real estate they have never been exposed to and pull them in slowly.

3. Keywords will get you where you need to be
Your prospects are going to be looking for something specific, and that is what you need to provide. Keyword research revolves around examining the relevant phrases you have. Place them the way you think a prospect would enter them on Google or Bing. It helps if you know what keywords your competition is using; some are unique and others simply have too much attention drawn their way by most of your rivals. Remember to use location-based terms; it does not serve any purpose for you to attract thousands of people who are not interested in real estate.

4. Mobile responsiveness is the backbone of modern search
Google is constantly tweaking its algorithms in a bid to improve user experience. Figures show that the search giant makes over 500 algorithmic changes to its bots annually. Earlier in the year, Google introduced conditions that target the improvement of the visibility of content on mobile devices. This is understandable, especially keeping in mind that by mid next year, over two billion citizens of the world will own smartphones. Such a state of affairs means that if your platforms are not mobile friendly, then your visibility hits new lows every day.

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